DARS 2017

Second Workshop on Design and Analysis of Robust Systems
July 22, 2017, Heidelberg, Germany
Co-located with CAV 2017

The DARS Series
DARS 2017 is the 2nd international workshop in a series dedicated to the Design and Analysis of Robust Systems. Robustness refers to the ability of a system to behave reliably in the presence of perturbation in the system parameters or irregularities in the system's operating environment. This is particularly important in the context of embedded systems and software, which interact with a physical environment through sensors and actuators and communicate over wired or wireless networks. Such systems are routinely subject to deviations arising from sensor or actuation noise, quantization and sampling of data, uncertainty in the physical environment, and delays or packet drops over unreliable network channels. When deployed in safety critical applications, system robustness in the presence of uncertainty is not just desirable, but crucial.

The goal of DARS is to foster dialogue and exchange of ideas and techniques across several disciplines with an interest in robustness such as formal verification, programming languages, fault-tolerance, control theory and hybrid systems.

Domains of interest include, but are not limited to: reactive, timed, hybrid or probabilistic programs/circuits/systems/networks, approximate computing and fault tolerance of distributed systems.

Important Dates
All deadlines are AOE (Anywhere on Earth)

Extended abstract submission April 28, 2017
Author notification May 25, 2017
Workshop July 22, 2017

Submission URL
Easy Chair

Extended abstract submission
We solicit extended abstracts of no more than 3 pages including references that provide an overview of recently published work of the authors or work in progress. We expect that the extended abstracts will focus on providing intuitions (main results and their implications), rather than technical details (formal definitions). The extended abstracts along with a one paragraph abstract (for announcement on the webpage, if accepted) can be uploaded to Easychair using the above link.

Program Chairs:

Pavithra Prabhakar
Roopsha Samanta

Program Committee:

Swarat Chaudhuri, Rice University
Georgios Fainekos, Arizona State University
Barbara Jobstmann, EPFL and Cadence Design Systems
Necmiye Ozay, University of Michigan
Pavithra Prabhakar, Kansas State University
Roopsha Samanta, Purdue University
Paulo Tabuada, UCLA
Thomas Wahl, Northeastern University